Friday, July 26, 2013

Races I Am Training For

I like to have a plan.  Having a goal and a training plan motivates me to keep going.  And paying for race registrations is also a huge motivator to keep getting out there and running even when it is hard.  Here is my race calendar for the next couple of months:

America's Finest City (I'll be running the 5K)

Girls On the Go (I'll be running the that medal, so fun!)

Surf City 10 (I'll be running the 10 mile...ramping up!)

Tinkerbell Half Marathon Weekend (I'm running the 5K, the 10K, and the half...AAAHH!)

Lots of fun races ahead.  Currently I am following Hal Higdon's Intermediate 10K Training Program.  That will take me up to the 10K Girls on the Go Run.  After that race I will be starting a half marathon training program.  Any suggestions?

How do you motivate yourself to workout?

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